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Welcome to GALA Slots . This Help explains all features of GALA Slots including DEPOSITING AND CASHING OUT and gives you some hints about playing. Many of the questions that you might have are answered here; be sure to check the Help before contacting customer support email - contact@galaslots.com.

How To Register

If you are new to GALA Slots , follow these steps.

1. Double-click the GALA Slots Game icon  on your desktop.The first thing that you see is the Player Registration window.

2. Click New to open the GALA Slots Account dialog box.

3. Enter your name and complete address.  This information is private and will not be shared outside the company.  This information must be accurate in order for you to receive any payments. Type your nickname and password. You choose any nickname and password that you would like to use.  If that nickname is already used, you must choose a different name.  This name and password is for your protection and you should not tell anyone unless you want them to use your game credits.

4. Click OK when ready to open the Player Registration window again. 

5. Type your nickname and password in the respective boxes and click Play to log on and open the GALA Slots playing window.

6. Click the Credits button.Your browser jumps to a secure web page in which you can enter your credit card information  to purchase game credits.  Requesting credits can take several minutes so be patient.

7. Go back to the GALA Slots playing window and wait until your credits are processed. This may take some time, but the processing would usually be complete within a game.

8. When the current game finishes, you can press the Play Button  for the next one and start playing.  The screen will show the pattern, cost of buying cards, and other information.  Be sure to use the Option Button to select the number of cards you want to play.  The credits will automatically be deducted from your account before each game.  If you get a Bingo, the credits will automatically be added to your account before the next game.

Good Luck!

Player Registration Window

Logging onto the game is the first requirement to play. The Player Registration window helps you to do this. You will see this screen every time you login the game or want change your account settings.

The window contains two boxes Nickname and Password in which you can type your nickname and password. The characters of the password are replaced with asterisks (*) as you type.

The window also has other buttons. They are shown below:

NEW to register as a new player. If you are new to GALA Slots or if you want to create a new account for yourself click on this button. The GALA Slots Account dialog box opens, in which you can enter your personal data and select a nickname and password.  All information entered in this area is strictly confidential and will not be sold or given to anyone outside of the company.

ACCOUNT button allows you to make changes to your account. First, type your nickname and password and then click this button. The GALA Slots Account dialog box with your registration data opens for you to check the information or make changes.

PLAY to enter the game if you already have an account. Do not forget to type your nickname and password in the boxes BEFORE clicking this button.

EXIT button allows you to leave GALA Slots

HELP button will display the on-line help.

GALA Slots Account

All GALA Slots players must register before they can begin playing. In order to register, you must have a nickname and a password. It is needed to verify your identity when you collect your winnings.

All the necessary data must be entered in the GALA Slots Account dialog box, which is accessible through the Account button in the registration window or in the playing window (or from the New button in the registration window). When you open the GALA Slots Account dialog box from the Account button, it displays your personal data; when you open it from the New button, it opens empty so that your new player identification can be created.

You must use your real name and accurate contact information in the fields on this screen. Please note that most of the fields are mandatory. You must enter all necessary data to save the account. Please enter your e-mail in the format name@server.domain.  This information will not be used for any purpose other than verification of prize awards and it is strictly confidential.

Nickname and Password

For security purposes, the nickname will be displayed but your password is not shown.

A. When you are creating a new account, type your nickname and password in fields provided, and then type the password a second time in the Retype Password box (the password is displayed as asterisks). Your nickname and password cannot be blank or special characters. The nickname must be unique. GALA Slots does not allow two players to have the same nickname. If the nickname you have selected has been registered by another player, the program will prompt you to select another nickname. Since the database of players is large, and is constantly expanding, you may have to try several times before you find a unique nickname.

B. When you are editing your account, you can change your nickname and password. If you are concerned that someone might be using your account, you can change your nickname and/or password with this option.

To change the nickname, simply retype it in the box.

To change the password:
1. Select Change Password.
2. Type your old password in the Password box,
3. Type the new one in the New Password box,
4. Type the new password in the Retype Password box,
5. Click OK.

You can change your account information whenever you need to. Typing your password is needed only when changing the old password with a new one.

GALA Slots

The slot machine occupies the left half of the window. The slot reels are set in initial position. One payline, one coin per line are selected by default. Since the game is played on the Internet there can be some delay in setting up the initial screen.




This button allows you to change the number of coins you bet per line. You can place 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 coins per line. The number of coins is shown in a circle displayed at the butt of the arrow. The number you choose is valid for all lines you play. The more coins you play, the higher the payout will be.


This button allows you to select additional lines. You can play a maximum of seven lines. Each line is with a different color. You can select lines only in the order set by the game. You can choose among three straight and four criss-cross lines. Only the central line is selected initially. When you click once the button, you add the line that is over the central one. When you click twice, you add the line that is under it. The third click displays one of the criss-cross lines, and the fourth click adds the second line, which is again criss-cross, etc.


If you push this button, you will play seven lines with maximum coins each, which is the maximum you can bet. The reels start spinning automatically (there is no need to push the SPIN button). By clicking the MAX BET you do two things simultaneously: you choose your bet and spin the reels.


This button starts the spinning of the slot machine’s reels. Press it AFTER you have chosen your lines and placed your bets. The more lines you play, the more chances you have to win. Use this button provided you have not pressed the MAX BET button before that.

Coin value

The value of the coins with which you are playing is shown in the box next to the reels  it. The coin value could be scrolled with the arrows around the box.

Bet field

It indicates the total amount of your bet, that is, the number of coins you have placed. Your bet does not change throughout all games unless you change it.

Paid field

The total amount of the paid coins from all winning lines is shown here.


Shows the current amount of your credits. Credits are the same for bingo and slot game. They are updated after every spin. The cash value of your bet is subtracted from your credits and the cash value of your winnings is added to your credits. The cash value is calculated the following way: the number of the coins you have won is multiplied by the value of the coins.


It shows the payout rate for every winning combination of symbols. The combinations are arranged in descending order from the highest paying to the lowest paying.


The jackpot winning combination might be different for the different games. You hit the jackpot if you have the combination indicated in the pay table. The jackpot is progressive and one and the same for all players. It could be won by only one person in a game. When the jackpot is hit, a minimum new jackpot is established and the progressive process starts from the beginning.


When the reels start spinning, the selected lines disappear. After the reels stop spinning you can see the results. If the lines that you selected have a winning combination of symbols, each symbol of the line will be bordered by a blinking square. An indicator appears beside the winning line, showing the amount of the coins paid for that line. If you play more than one line, you can have more than one winning line. If this is the case, the winning lines are shown one after the other.